Friday, December 30, 2011

Bank of America Put Fictitious Debit $888,888.88 on My Accounts and Seize All Account Holdings.

BOA put a fictitious debit in the amount of $888,888.88 on each of my account transactions, froze and closed my business account, gave me no warning, no explanation, no chance to defend and kept all account holdings. I’m freaking out right now because BOA was my main bank and BOA has seized virtually all my money.

In 10/06/2011, I login BOA online account, shocked, stunned and confused to see my BOA business account was being processed with an amount of -$888,888.88 along with $594 wire payment simultaneously. Initially, I thought someone was stealing the money from my BOA business account.  After spending hours on the phone with BOA Customer Services Representative trying to get to the right department, finally I was told nothing can be done but to call the Risk Management for clarification. 

Next day, I went to BOA Branch ask for help for the clarification of unauthorized withdrawal of $888,888.88.  The Branch Manager told me, it’s BOA Risk Management who put a debt of $888,888.88 to my account whenever there is questionable transaction.  The BOA Branches have no power to do anything but suggest me to call: 877-240-6886 X2 to get $888,888.88 debit clarified. I have called the Risk Management several times; the phone was always connected with an automated message asking me to leave a message with my account number, phone number, and information on the nature of the fraud. By asking for a phone number, the Risk Management Department was leaving the indication that someone would call back. No one ever called me. The Risk Management people are above the law, whom I obviously had no chance to be in contact with.

In 10/10/2011 another $594 wire payment was transferred to my business account, BOA put another debit of $888,888.88 on my business account. Then there was $40 research fee imposed to my BOA business account.

A mail dated 10/19/2011 was received and notified me that my business account is being closed; I have the option of collecting the money in person at the BOA Branch and BOA will report my account fraud to ChexSystems that would resulted in problem doing business with other banks. When I got to BOA Branch, was told that there is some flags on my business account, BOA Branch has no authority to let me withdraw the money from my BOA business account. I was further informed verbally by the BOA Branch that BOA HQ is sending it to an investigator to finish the closure process; the account balance will be in a BOA bank check via mail. Another mail dated 10/27/2011 was received and notified me that my BOA business account holdings will not be remitted.

Endure BOA disaster, and lost account holdings to BOA account seizure. BOA will not even tell me why but state BOA has the right to close your account at any time and for any reason. Was BOA entitled to seize my account holding without justification or explanation? I’m at my lowest point of life and feeling completely hopeless to live this life.  Suddenly, I have stomach cramp. My entire stomach was hot and shooting sharp pain, then the muscle and nerve pain is shooting all over my body inside of the skin, joints, bones, tissue, even brushing hair the pain came from the hair.  I couldn’t stand up, couldn’t sit, couldn’t touch and couldn’t sleep comfortable without suffering from pain.  I was rushed to doctor emergency room.  Doctor couldn’t determine what was wrong so Emergency Doctor won’t prescribe medication but instruct me to take Tylenol to relieve the pain for now. With primary care physician and GI physician referrals, I have gone through blood tests, ultrasound scan and colonoscopy. The results show I have severe potassium deficiency and internal hemorrhoid.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem before? Any advice?


  1. Going through a similar experience. BoA applied a -$888,888.88 hold last week and I haven't been able to get anyone to return my calls about having it lifted even though there is plenty of funds in the account...that I have absolutely no access to.
    Updates can be found at

  2. omg. i am tight now, 2018 going through the same situation!!!! what happened to your account ? did you get the funds back ??

    1. I'm having the same problem now. Any upadates from your end?

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Have you encountered a similar problem before? Any advice?